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A Day in the Life of the Jos

In the educational game A Day in the Life of the Jos, students in grades six to eight help the brother and sister team Jo and Josie with situations they encounter online as they go about a typical day in their lives. The modules are represented as five days in the lives of Jo and Josie, covering topics that research has identified as being important for youth:

  • defusing drama (cyberbullying)
  • data privacy
  • privacy and reputation
  • privacy ethics
  • authenticating online information

A Day in the Life of the Jos includes:

  • an interactive game;
  • a Teacher’s Guide, with detailed instructions on how to play the game, links to research and resources on the issues covered in the scenarios, and an answer key to the questions accompanying each scenario;
  • post-activity interactive quizzes; and
  • the ability to track each student’s progress and evaluate their performance.

The game was created in partnership with Carleton University’s CHORUS lab.; Its usability and effectiveness was evaluated with grade six to eight students with results showing that it improved their digital literacy knowledge and behavioural intent, both immediately after playing the game and in post-test evaluations one week later.[1]

This promotional video provides an overview of the A Day in the Life of the Jos student tutorial.

Download a PDF copy of the flyer

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