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Copyright Decision Tool

The CMEC (Council of Ministers of Education) have developed the Copyright Decision Tool to help teachers determine whether copying requires copyright permission or is permitted without permission because it falls within the Fair Dealing Guidelines.

The CMEC advises that you are know…

Did you know that teachers can use “short excerpts” of copyright-protected works in their lessons because of the fair-dealing provision in the Copyright Act?

Did you know that, as a teacher, if you fail to follow the Fair Dealing Guidelines, you are at risk of copyright infringement, and you, your school, and your school board can be held responsible for damages?

To learn how fair dealing impacts lesson planning and the use of copyright-protected works, CMEC encourages teachers and school staff to watch the video presentation below, entitled “Dealing Fairly with Copyright-Protected Works of Others”. (CMEC)

You can also download a copy of Copyright Matters, which addresses some key questions teachers might have about using copyrighted materials in the classroom and in their teaching practice.

You can find more details about the copyright Decision tool on the CMEC website on the Copyright Information for Teachers page click on the image below for a link to the Copyright Decision Tool.

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